Service Arrangements

service arrangements

CTX Resources believes that flexibility is a key ingredient in formulating successful business relationships with our clients. Yes, we have standard methodologies & processes that we often use and follow in creating and delivering channel resource solutions for IT providers.

That said we’re believers in the old adage that ‘the customer is always right’. Therefore, we’ll always attempt to accommodate client requests for unique service terms that will better meet your specific conditions of satisfaction. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with satisfaction guarantees.


we're flexible: so you can be successful

Creating and finalizing client service agreements involves the process detailed below:

  • Define the service project and its scope
  • Identify solution options
  • Create costing scenarios
  • Establish satisfaction guarantees
  • Finalize other service agreement terms
  • Client review and acceptance

project definition and scope: mapping for success

CTX Resources is committed to attaining high levels of client satisfaction. To achieve this, we believe that every client project must begin with a collaborative effort with the potential client to capture and document the project resource specifications as well as the client’s conditions of satisfaction for success. This process encompasses the tasks summarized below:

  • Detailed fact finding conference
  • Document project specs and scope
  • Create the client services proposal
  • Obtain client acceptance of the proposal
  • Move to solution identification phase

solution identification: creating the right fit for you

Finding the right channel resource for your unique requirements is not an “off the rack” tailoring process for us. Our objective is to present you with multiple options to consider for your interim resource solution. This will not always be possible, but always attempted. To identify your solution options we’ll first consider our existing CTX Associates. However, if needed, we’ll do the needed work to recruit new colleagues into our network to meet your unique requirements. The steps in this phase include:

  • Comparing your needs with CTX Associates profiles
  • Undertake new recruitment steps if required
  • Project reviews with potential CTX Associates
  • Partner communications
  • Prepare and present the resource solution options
  • Arrange teleconference interviews with all parties
  • Obtain Client and CTX Associate agreements

ongoing relationship support: engagement kickoff to completion

The CTX Client Services Bundle begins and evolves through ongoing communication and collaboration activities with our clients. Once a client project is underway, we’ll kick-off an ongoing cadence of quality control activities to help ensure client satisfaction. This includes the following:

  • Client project matter identification e-mails
  • CTX Associate project matter identification e–mails
  • Monthly CTX Associate reviews
  • Monthly client service reviews
  • Project enhancement recommendations
  • Client satisfaction scorecards