Channel management roles

CTX Associates are all world class professionals with over ten years of experience in IT partner channel marketing, sales, alliances and operations.

Channel management roles have many different descriptions and will vary by size of enterprise. However, the baseline descriptions follow below.






These IT channel executives are traditionally responsible for all partner sales training, opportunity development, forecasting and resulting revenues. Other responsibilities of this role often include:

  • Developing and managing partner sales plans.
  • Keeping partners abreast of competition, competitive issues and products.
  • Establishing rules of engagement for partners to engage with the company’s direct sales force,
  • Collaborating with marketing executives to drive partner opportunity identification.
  • Creating systems and procedures to streamline partner management.

CHannel Marketing Director

Channel marketing executives are responsible for the development of the overall channel marketing strategy and share responsibility with company sales executives for meeting annual sales quotas.

Other responsibilities of this role often include:

  • Partner programs, training, communications, and co-marketing for lead generation.
  • Creating and delivering cross-brand partner enablement tools.
  • Developing & maintaining websites to communicate partner programs and deliver support.
  • Planning, organizing and managing partner events.
  • Reporting partner program performance metrics.

Channel sales operations director

These executives are responsible for partner channel sales forecasting, communications, analysis of profitability, process development, and research.

Other responsibilities of this role often include:

  • Develop processes and systems to capture partner opportunity identification.
  • Development and maintenance of channel sales pipeline management and reporting systems.
  • Management of partner ordering, billing and accounts receivable functions.
  • Management of Partner program compensation and special incentives.
  • Support the development of partner channel strategies and programs.

Alliance Relationship Executive

Good IT business results are often a function of the strength of the relationships that exist between an IT provider and its various types of business ecosystem partners.  Interim channel resources may be a good relationship management solution in the initial development of new partner relationships, or when entering a new marketplace.  It also may make sense when full-time resources are not required to manage their relationships with selected types of partners.

CTX helps its IT clients manage business relationships with the following partner types:

  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Sales Agents
  • Solution Providers
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Consultants
  • Systems Integrators
  • Distributors / Dealers
  • OEM Partners
  • Referral Partners
  • Business Influencers
  • Strategic Alliance Partners