Service Costs

Pricing and Guarantees

At CTX we’re believers in the old adage that ‘the customer is always right’. Therefore, we’ll always attempt to accommodate client requests for unique service terms that will better meet your specific conditions of satisfaction. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with satisfaction guarantees.

Our objective is to offer you staffing solutions at competitive price points.  Our goal is to establish prices that will not greatly exceed your fully burdened costs for employees acting in a similar capacity and location.



resource pricing: it's not a case of one size fits all

The monthly cost of utilizing our interim channel resources varies. It will be a function of:

  • The level of professional skills & experience
  • The role or project type
  • Travel requirements
  • The country (in the case of onsite assignments)
  • Language requirements
  • The duration of the work
  • Resource availability


satisfaction guarantees: delivering the right resource is our top priority

Whether or not our service agreement with your company is for a month, a quarter or year, we’ll provide you with satisfaction guarantees. The exact terms of our guarantees will vary by client and specific engagement. However, we’ll work with you to ensure that your selection of our resource solutions will be a low-risk decision. Satisfaction guarantees may be represented to you through unique terms for:

  • Milestone deliverables
  • Language proficiency standards
  • Swap-out options
  • Illness adjustments
  • On boarding deadlines
  • Flexible contract termination options


invoicing: services billed in advance; expenses in arrears

Many businesses pay their vendors 30 days after receipt of their invoices. Due to this situation, we bill our clients for their contracted resources 30 days before delivery. This allows us to pay our CTX Associates their fees sometime shortly after the close of the month in which they delivered professional services to you on our behalf. Other invoicing matters include the following items:

  • Time reporting records will be submitted on request
  • Sales taxes will be added for applicable work locations
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are billed only after pre-approvals
  • Travel & living costs will conform to client standards
  • CTX Associates will use available client travel services